2019: An Emotional Year For HypnoVR!

JANUARY Consumer Electronics Show 2019, Innovation Award 2019 – VR category

Selected by the CTA (Consumer Technology Association) and supported by the Grand Est Region, the Innovation Awards honor France’s top innovation projects and were presented between January 8 and January 12, 2019, at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. HypnoVR won the Innovation Award in the “Virtual Reality” category, selected by a panel of judges made up of professionals from the high-tech industry.

FEBRUARY Les Trophées du Bien-être , Health Award 2019

Each year, the Trophées du Bien-être (Well-Being Awards) are awarded to medical innovations, procedures, actions, plays, films, concerts, songs, everyday products, or urban improvements that have helped enhance the well-being of as many people as possible. HypnoVR won in the “Health” category.

FEBRUARY La Tribune, 10.000 startups pour changer le monde, Regional winner of the “10,000 Startups to Change the World” competition – “Start” category

Organized by La Tribune and BNP Paribas, the “10,000 Startups to Change the World” competition recognizes one startup in each of its five categories: “Environment & Energy”, “Deep Tech & Data”, “Smart Tech”, “Health”, and “Start”. HypnoVR was the regional winner in the “Start” category.

MARCH Fifth e-HealthWorld Monaco, Award for Innovation in Anesthesia and Visiomed Special Award 2019

e-HealthWorld Monaco is a conference dedicated to connected health and the medicine of tomorrow, organized by healthcare professionals. Sponsored by prestigious, official institutional partners and private companies, and receiving widespread media coverage, #eHM brings e-health professionals together. HypnoVR won the Award for Innovation in Anesthesia.

MARCH HypnoVR wins approval of Autrement

For 15 years, Autrement has dedicated itself to patients suffering from pain and/or serious diseases. Its mission is to “Relieve, Assist, Support”. Autrement raised funds to improve care for critically ill patients through the use of various complementary medicines, including the HypnoVR device. This is a real source of pride for our company.

APRIL HypnoVR wins approval of Coeurs à Choeur

Coeurs à Choeur is a charity for parents of sick children. It regularly organizes gospel concerts, donating the profits to families in need, specialist facilities, and organizations dedicated to disabled people. We were very grateful for this opportunity to help provide relief to sick children in the Pediatric Intensive & Continuing Care Unit at Hautepierre Hospital. The initiative is also backed by the charity Une note de douceur.

MAY French Association of Surgery (AFC) Congress, Jury Award for Innovation 2019

Organized by the French Association of Surgery (AFC), the “Creation and Innovation” competition rewards the best innovation projects presented at the congress, as voted for by the participating surgeons. After winning the Audience Award for Innovation in 2018, HypnoVR was honored to receive the Jury Award for Innovation this time around.

MAY Vivatech 2019, Orange 5G Challenge Pitch , Finalist

Organized by Orange at the Orange Lab stand at Vivatech 2019, an annual meeting dedicated to technological innovation and startups. The aim of the challenge was to show Orange, the judges, and the audience how Orange’s 5G network will help both redefine and improve the entrant’s products and services. HypnoVR was one of five finalists out of 280 candidates.

MAY Paris HealthCare Week, HIT Innovations Trophées 2019, Finalist, “Treatment & Therapeutic Education” category

The aim of these awards is to recognize the most innovative professionals and businesses in the new health technologies sector. This first year of the awards saw HypnoVR reach the finals of the “Treatment & Therapeutic Education” category.

MAY HypnoVR wins approval of Lulucémie

Lulucémie is an organization dedicated to raising public awareness about leukemia and helping healthcare staff through fundraising. Through its work, Lulucémie has funded the purchase of several HypnoVR devices for Côte Basque Hospital. HypnoVR is very proud to be able to work alongside medical teams to help reduce side effects and provide relief to stressed, anxious patients undergoing chemotherapy, all thanks to this wonderful organization.

SEPTEMBER Eurométropole de Strasbourg wins the French government’s call for projects, Territoires d’Innovation (Innovating Regions), on the theme of health
Winning this call for projects, funded by French public investment organization Caisse des Dépôts, equates to funding of almost €13M in grants and over €24M in company holdings, but most importantly it means becoming a standard-bearer for France’s regions in the field of health. HypnoVR is proud and grateful to be among the companies heading up projects.

OCTOBER HypnoVR wins approval of La Ligue Contre le Cancer

The French League Against Cancer is a charity that funds research, prevents risks, and assists patients and their loved ones. Together with the charity Pony Pony Run Run, it helped fund the purchase of a HypnoVR device for the Jean Perrin Center in Clermont-Ferrand. The device is used to reduce patient pain and anxiety related to certain procedures in the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Adult Hematology, and Respiratory Medicine departments. It is a great honor to win the approval of such an important national charity.

OCTOBER Journées Francophones de la Radiologie Coup de Cœur de l’Innovation in Medical Imaging

Each year, the French Radiology Society (SFR) awards numerous prizes and grants, including the Coup de Cœur de l’Innovation (Innovation Showstopper) award, at the Journées Francophones de la Radiologie radiology conference in Paris. Winning the Innovation Showstopper Award in Medical Imaging will automatically give HypnoVR a stand at the 2020 event.

OCTOBER HypnoVR certified as a “Young Innovative Company”

HypnoVR was certified as a Jeune Entreprise Innovante (Young Innovative Company). This new status will help our young company accelerate its research projects and expand the use of HypnoVR to treat pain and anxiety in as many indications as possible.

NOVEMBER Partnership between Vivalto Santé & HypnoVR

HypnoVR, a French startup specializing in the development of virtual reality medical hypnosis solutions, and the Vivalto Santé Group, France’s third largest player in private hospital care, announced the signing of a major agreement covering three areas: distribution of HypnoVR’s software, clinical research, and codevelopment.

Full press release

NOVEMBER VIRTUALITY, Virtuality XR Awards 2019, Best Project for the Healthcare Industry

Each year, the Virtuality XR Awards honor the top achievements in virtual and augmented reality, holograms, and more within industrial and creative categories. HypnoVR was selected by the Virtuality XR Awards in the Healthcare Industry category.

NOVEMBER Partnership between Pierre Fabre Oral Care & HypnoVR

HypnoVR©: the first virtual reality medical hypnosis solution to reduce patient anxiety during treatment. At the annual conference of the French Dental Association (ADF), Pierre Fabre Oral Care, the leader for oral care in pharmacies, and HypnoVR, a French startup specializing in the development of virtual reality medical hypnosis solutions, announced the signing of a partnership to offer dental surgeons the chance to use HypnoVR©, an innovative device that helps treat stress and anxiety in the treatment room.

Full press release

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