HypnoVR – French Dental Association (ADF) 2019 Innovation Award

HypnoVR – French Dental Association (ADF) 2019 Innovation Award

At the latest ADF annual conference, held from November 27 to December 2, 2018, HypnoVR received the ADF Innovation Award for its medical hypnosis software.

For 14 years, the ADF Innovation Award has honored the work of makers and manufacturers in the oral health sector. The technological advances entered into the competition are assessed based on their value to the sector, and cover everything from procedure optimization to device safety.

For this, the 14th Innovation Award, eight finalists were preselected and presented to attendees of the ADF annual conference. The latter were given a single task: to choose the innovation that best illustrates the breadth and creativity of the dental surgeon’s craft.

Many of this year’s ADF conference exhibitors submitted an entry to the competition. The most striking innovations were preselected in October by a panel of judges made up of journalists from the specialist dental press and a representative from the ADF and Comident (French association of dental care product manufacturers and distributors).

HypnoVR medical hypnosis software voted innovation of the year by ADF annual conference attendees

HypnoVR is a startup specializing in the development of medical hypnosis solutions combined with virtual reality for anesthesia and to treat pain, stress, and anxiety.

HypnoVR designs, develops, and markets software applications and medical devices that together form groundbreaking hypnosedation tools, making the benefits of medical hypnosis accessible to as many people as possible.

HypnoVR’s software offers a statistically significant reduction in anxiety scores—with the studies to prove it—primarily in oral surgery, endodontics, and conservative treatment. With HypnoVR, patients are much more comfortable and, as a result, feel less anxiety and pain.

“This innovation award is a source of great pride for us: pride in seeing HypnoVR’s efforts rewarded, and pride in getting recognition from dental surgeons for an innovation that we hope will help them in their practice. We hope this award will enable us to get HypnoVR out there to as many dental surgeons as possible and that we will have the opportunity to collaborate with them as we continue to build on our initial work in the dental sector and in the broader treatment of pain and anxiety,” says Nicolas Schaettel, HypnoVR co-founder.

Read the full interview  with Nicolas Schaettel

VIDEO – France 3 report on the uses of HypnoVR’s software


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