Le Parisien: Virtual Reality Headsets To Replace Anesthesia

Le Parisien: Virtual Reality Headsets To Replace Anesthesia

This fall, Strasbourg-based startup HypnoVR began selling a software solution that “anesthetizes” patients through virtual reality hypnosis. It is the first of its kind in France.

Immersing patients in a state of semi-unconsciousness using a headset: for several years, Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin, France) has been a stronghold for medical technology, notable in particular for its campus dedicated to medtech. The young startup, HypnoVR, is right at home among all this expertise, with its virtual reality hypnosis technology. “Since 2016, we have been experimenting with software embedded within a virtual reality headset that induces a state of hypnosis in the patient,” says Nicolas Schaettel, co-founder of HypnoVR. After a year and a half of clinical trials, this software solution is now being used at Strasbourg University Hospital.

Three immersive worlds

“Within your headset, you can choose from three immersive worlds (beach, deep sea diving, and mountains), four soundscapes (rock, jazz, etc.), and different actors’ voices,” Schaettel explains. This is enough to gradually guide the patient into a state of hypnosis, reducing the perception of pain until he or she no longer feels a thing.

 Full article: http://www.leparisien.fr/societe/sante/des-casques-de-realite-virtuelle-pour-remplacer-l-anesthesie-03-11-2018-7934199.php

Published on 11/03/2018 by Le Parisien and written by Martin Antoine

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