Digital therapy to reduce pain and anxiety over invasive procedures


The care of patients in emergency departments such as SOS Mains or trauma departments is often synonymous with painful procedures and stressful operations.

The Lorraine musculoskeletal surgery unit of the CHRU de Nancy offers HypnoVR to their patients in order to :

  • avoid the use of drugs to soothe them

  • improve their well-being

  • surround them in a bubble of comfort and remove their thoughts from the stressful environment.

For patients, but also for carers!
A device is also available to care teams for wellness breaks. Specifically adapted for stress management and relaxation, it improves staff recovery.

Thank you to the CHRU de Nancy for their confidence! 

Join the trend !

More than 200 hospitals and clinics already use HypnoVR to improve the treatment experience for their patients.