Hypnosis under virtual reality in interventional radiology


For better management of anxiety HypnoVR offers a multi-sensorial experience.

The efficacy of virtual reality has been clinically demonstrated for the last 20 years. It makes it possible to distract the patient’s attention by sending him a hypnotic narrative.

This process is effective because of its ability to saturate the attention and cognitive sensorial resources of the patient, thus leaving fewer resources for pain and therefore for the topic of thinking about the pain.

The use of HypnoVR in interventional radiology allows the patient to be relaxed during his examination and the health professional can concentrate on the procedure.

Many patients are subject to anxiety before and during an examination. Some suffer from claustrophobia. This device, which combines the techniques of medical hypnosis and virtual reality, has been very well received by our patients, who are able to benefit from it while they are waiting for the procedure.

Sophie Aufort
Clinique du Parc

Source: Francebleu – © Radio France – Marie Ciavatti


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