HYPNOVR and MDOLORIS MEDICAL SYSTEMS an innovative partnership for digital therapy

HypnoVR, the leader in virtual reality medical hypnosis, and Mdoloris Medical Systems, the leader in continuous, non-invasive monitoring of the parasympathetic system, have joined forces to develop the next generation of therapeutic virtual reality for pain and anxiety management. The HypnoVR solution integrates Mdoloris Medical Systems’ ANI (Analgesia Nociception Index) technology, which enables real-time measurement of the nervous system activity of hospitalised patients. A partnership that, for the first time in the world, combines digital therapy with real-time monitoring of the patient’s condition to offer a personalised treatment for pain and anxiety.

Launched on the digital therapy market in 2016 and now used daily by more than 280 hospitals, HypnoVR digital therapy has been proven to reduce patients’ anxiety and pain before, during and after medical procedures, also helping to reduce the use of sedatives and thus lower the risk of complications. Validated by more than 17 clinical studies (www.hypnovr.io/recherche), HypnoVR’s digital therapy is based on a purely scientific approach coupled with a dynamic of innovation thanks to the involvement of experts from the medical and digital world.

HypnoVR partners with Mdoloris Medical Systems to take its hypnotherapy solution a step further and significantly improve the control of care in a non-invasive and non-drug way. This partnership is above all the association of two experts in pain and anxiety: HypnoVR for their treatment and Mdoloris for their measurement.

As a result of their joint work, HypnoVR is launching the first HypnoVR Biofeedback prototype incorporating the latest MDoloris technology, the ANI GUARDIAN, which captures, analyses and reports nervous system responses to pain and anxiety in real time. “We are delighted to announce this OEM integration in this niche segment where few companies have a proven track record. This partnership with HypnoVR proves once again the efficiency and accuracy of the technology developed by Mdoloris Medical, which will allow to adapt and personalise the hypnosis process provided by HypnoVR. A partnership that will benefit patients first”, says Fabien Pagniez, CEO of Mdoloris Medical Systems.

This prototype is the result of 3 years of research (1 thesis, 2 scientific papers) conducted by HypnoVR in collaboration with three CNRS laboratories: the Laboratory of Engineering, Computer Science and Imaging (ICUBE), the Centre for Neurocognitive and Neurophysiological Investigation (CI2N) and the Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences (INCI) (winning research project of the iNOV national innovation competition).

The Mdoloris ANI is the chosen physiological biomarker because of its performance, recognition and validation by numerous studies. The HypnoVR Biofeedback product is therefore the result of a partnership between 2 startups in the French ecosystem. True to its innovative DNA, HypnoVR is proud to launch the first version of this new prototype – HypnoVR Biofeedback – delivering therapeutic virtual reality that adapts to the patient’s condition in real time. It will allow better management of pain and anxiety during medical interventions depending on the patient. “As discovery-driven, science-based companies, our partnership represents a unique opportunity to develop the next generation of digital therapies and continue to create the medical world of the future,” says Nicolas Schaettel, CEO of HypnoVR.

About HypnoVR HypnoVR specialises in the development of digital therapies combining medical hypnosis and virtual reality for pain and stress management. It designs, develops and markets software applications and medical devices as innovative hypnosedation tools to improve the quality of care and patient comfort. HypnoVR’s solutions help to improve care throughout the patient journey. They can be used in a wide range of medical specialties, including anaesthesia and intensive care, surgery, dental care and medical imaging. The company is certified according to ISO 13485:2016 since April 2021. Founded in Strasbourg, France, in 2016 by anaesthetists and hypnotherapists Dr Denis Graff and Dr Chloé Chauvin, and entrepreneur Nicolas Schaettel.
About Mdoloris Medical System MDoloris Medical Systems, a French venture capital company, is the first company in the world to be able to provide clinicians with medical devices for continuous, non-invasive monitoring of patient parasympathetic tone. MDoloris is present in more than 78 countries and has equipped more than 3,000 teaching hospitals and more than 400,000 patients have benefited from medical follow-up. With already 3 official OEM partnerships (Minray, Masimo and HypnoVR) Mdoloris is considered as the leader in real time measurement of the nervous system.
About ANI technology ANI is a parameter derived from heart rate variability that helps clinicians assess the autonomic nervous system, which guides them in the management of analgesics during surgery and anaesthesia. This improves postoperative pain, PONV scores, shivering scores, and reduces postoperative opioid use, as well as reducing hospital stays and may reduce values on the Montreal Scale, a scale used to assess postoperative cognitive impairment. This new physiological parameter also makes it possible to address the level of well-being of non-communicative patients.

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