HypnoVR at the service of well-being for patients


Uneos has introduced HypnoVR in two of its hospitals to improve the well-being of its patients.

Nine VR helmets are available in the services and are distributed as follows:

Robert Schuman Hospital:

   . 1 in endoscopy

   . 1 in internal medicine/nephrology

   . 1 in oncology/haematology

   . 1 in palliative care

   . 1 in the operating theatre

   . 1 in Consultations/Outpatient Treatment

   . 1 to the CIO

Belle-Isle Hospital:

   . 1 in psychiatry, shared with the Chronic Pain Management Centre

   . 1 in the operating theatre

Join the trend !

More than 200 hospitals and clinics already use HypnoVR to improve the treatment experience for their patients.