HypnoVR soothes cancer patients


Our virtual reality medical hypnosis solution is successfully used in the chemotherapy and oncology departments of the Centre Hospitalier de la Région de Saint Omer to relieve pain and reduce anxiety in cancer patients. 

Through medical hypnosis, patients can enter an altered state of consciousness and enjoy a pleasant experience, away from the pain and stress associated with treatment. Extremely positive feedback is received, with some patients no longer feeling pain!

We have also developed a verbal hypnotic accompaniment specifically for chemotherapy sessions to prevent nausea and fatigue while helping the patient to project positively on the course of treatment.

Thus, HypnoVR allows to :

  • Reduce pain and anxiety

  • Improve well-being

  • Give meaning to treatment so that it is no longer limited to an intrusive gesture

We are proud to make a difference for patients and caregivers, and we are determined to continue our mission to make patients’ lives more bearable through our innovations.

Source : La Voix du Nord


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