Hypno-sedation before a procedure:
reduces anxiety without anxiolytics

The patient is relaxed before his examination in order to approach the ordeal more calmly.

Hypno-sedation during a procedure:
a relaxed patient

HypnoVR allows you to create a positive memory of the examination. Thanks to 3D multi-sensory immersion isolating the patient in a comfort bubble, the anxiety caused by the examination is allayed and attention is focused on positive visual elements.

Treating patients’ anxiety
without medication for medical imaging exam

Medical imaging and radiology examinations are often a source of anxiety for the patient. This anxiety must be overcome in order to ensure that the examination or procedure, which sometimes requires the use of anxiolytics with an attendant risk of side effects, progresses smoothly

HypnoVR offers patients and medical staff an effective non-medicated alternative to anxiolytics and sedation before or during the examination.

The benefits of a virtual reality medical hypnosis session are long-lasting. Patients may simply experience a session and then undergo their examination without a helmet; this is very suitable for an MRI.

“With this solution we achieve efficacy in the order of 70%. The persons are much more relaxed during their MRI scan.”

Dr Nicolas Misson, Medical Director of Valais central, AFFIDEA

HypnoVR is already used for medical imaging examinations


Hypnosis under virtual reality in interventional radiology at the Clinique du Parc


Virtual reality is now available to relax patients during MRI


HypnoVR for the comfort of children during treatment

“Interventional radiology is a very technical universe, with rays, a scanner. It may seem a harsh environment. The patient may be stressed; some patients are claustrophobic or fearful of pain. The whole point of this technique is that it distracts the attention from the sources of pain and anxiety.”

Dr Sophie Aufort, Interventional radiologist

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