Pre-operative hypno-sedation:
pre-medication without side effects

A long-term anxiolytic effect, a naturally relaxed and less stressed patient in the operating theatre, which promotes accelerated recovery after surgery

Intra-operative hypno-sedation:
a relaxed, calm, immobile patient

Anxiolytic solution and anaesthetic supplement; reduces pain, sedatives and their side effects

Post-operative hypno-analgesia:
reduction in pain and accelerated recovery

A long-term analgesic effect, a reduction in dosage of opioids consumed and accelerated recovery

HypnoVR is suitable for use before, during and after a surgical procedure

When improving the quality of care to promote outpatient surgery and acceleratd recovery, a reduction in dosages of analgesics and anxiolytics is recommended.

Medical hypnosis by virtual reality thus becomes an easy-to-use, non-medicated alternative, which is within easy reach of the greatest number.

Many hospitals and clinics already use
HypnoVR in surgery


Hypno thérapie virtuelle dans le service de réanimation et surveillance continue pédiatrique


Improving patient care in the operating theatre


Virtual reality medical hypnosis in digestive surgery 


Shoulder surgery under locoregional anaesthesia alone and virtual reality headset


HypnoVR on a 100 year old patient


HypnoVR innovation in endoscopy  


Soothing patients and relieving carers at Besançon University Hospital


HypnoVR at the service of well-being for patients


Reducing stress and anxiety in the operating theatre thanks to HypnoVR


Hands chirurgy & HypnoVR for the well-being of the patient


Varicose surgery with HypnoVR


Hypnoanalgesia to improve patient comfort


HypnoVR in the operating theatre at Montauban Hospital


Virtual reality helmets for treating pain


Abdominal aortic aneurysm and medical hypnosis

The patient is isolated from the operating theatre, the surgical instruments, the medical staff performing the procedure and the sometimes distressing noises associated with an operation. This significantly reduces his anxiety and the sensation of pain. We can therefore use fewer anxiolytics, which may have side effects involving memory loss and other not inconsiderable problems. The patient’s comfort is significantly improved, his stay in hospital shorter and he can return home with fewer analgesic or opoid treatments.

Dr Jérôme Delcourt, Intensive care anaesthetist at the Groupe Courlancy Santé

The anaesthetic benefits have been clinically demonstrated



de recours à des antalgiques de pallier 3

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de satisfaction patient

19. Évaluation de la réalité virtuelle en cardiologie interventionnelle

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18. Perioperative outcomes of immersive virtual reality as an adjunct to anaesthesia in total hip and …

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95 %

reduction of sedatives used

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reduction in pain

11. Impact of virtual reality and hypnosis on pain and anxiety when dressings are changed

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8. Use of hypnosis in virtual reality in the treatment of superficial venous insufficiency

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satisfaction for the insertion & removal of double-J stents

6. Use of a virtual reality (HypnoVR©) during extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for the treatment of …

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of patients feel relaxed during the treatment

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post-operative nausea

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