improving the anesthesia process
through virtual reality medical hypnosis

HypnoVR©: drug-free anesthesia
for safer and more satisfying results

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Preoperative hypnosedation:
your replacement for premedication

Long-lasting anti-anxiety effect, naturally relaxed patients, and a less anxiety-inducing experience.


Perioperative hypnosedation:
from general to local and regional anesthesia

Anesthetic adjunct, less pain, and fewer chemical sedatives and side effects.


Postoperative hypnoanalgesia:
reduce pain and opioid use

Long-lasting analgesic effect, drastic reduction in opioid use, and faster recovery.

HypnoVR©: how does it work?

HypnoVR©: all our clinical trials

HypnoVR©: clinically proven anesthetic benefits

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Pediatric surgery: perioperative

Insertion and removal of implantable ports
3x shorter postoperative hospital stay

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Pediatric surgery: Postoperative

Pain management
40% less pain (VAS)
45% less opioid use
2.7x less use of anti-anxiety drugs
21-hours-faster recovery time

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obstetric gynecology

Puncture for oocyte retrieval
89.5% increase in comfort
94.7% satisfaction rate

Are you an anesthetist, a nurse anesthetist,
a nurse, or a nursing assistant?

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Are you a future patient?

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