The project history

3rd quarter 2016

Doctors Graff and Chauvin and Mr Schaettel found HYPNO VR company which is supported by the french bank BPI trough a French tech Emergence grant.

1st quarter 2017

The concept has been proven for multiple therapeutics applications such as: colonoscopy, pediatric surgery, medically assisted procreation, interventional radiology, dental surgery.

Summer 2017

HYPNOVR launched the developpement of its solutions on a new technological platform (the Samsung Gear VR) and started negotiating with renowned health institutions in order to start clinical trials, scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2017.

1st quarter 2018

HYPNOVR raises €700k during its first capital campaign. Donated by Guillaume Richard, founder and CEO of Oui Care, Daniel Caille, founder and president of Vivalto Santé Holding and LaJavaness, along with Bpifrance and several others business angels.

March 2016 Strasbourg

Doctors Graff and Chauvin introduce their innovative project to the Hacking Health Camp. The project is laureate and awarded three times by a multidisciplinary committee.

3rd quarter 2016

Developpement of the proof of concept with the two first HYPNOVR software solutions.

2nd quarter 2017

HYPNOVR is selected by the french start-up incubator SEMIA in Strasbourg and get the Bio Valley label.

3rd quarter 2017

Beginning of a research program with Icube laboratory for the developpement of a real time hypnosedation state indicator .


May 2018

HYPNOVR laureate 2018 of a call for projects from Tango & Scan, and wins 20.000 euros thanks to the Eurométropole de Strasbourg.


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