The HypnoVR team

HypnoVR: A multidisciplinary team with a shared medical vision

HypnoVR was founded by Dr. Denis Graff and Dr. Chloé Chauvin, two doctors specializing in anesthesiology and intensive care. They both hold degrees in medical hypnosis and have more than 10 years of experience in using hypnosis in anesthesia.

Once the two doctors leading the project met Nicolas Schaettel, the team was complete. Nicolas brought with him knowledge of tech companies (Microsoft, PayPal), expertise in management and business creation, and international experience.

Nicolas Schaettel, CEO, entrepreneur, and manager

An entrepreneur and manager, Nicolas holds an MBA in finance from the University of Notre Dame (USA) and EDHEC Business School (1996). He worked for 15 years as a business developer and manager at internationally renowned companies with a strong focus on digital technology.

Denis Graff, CPO, anesthesiologist/intensivist, and hypnotherapist

Denis specializes in anesthesiology, intensive care, prehospital care, emergency care, and pain management. A graduate of the University of Strasbourg Faculty of Medicine, he also holds postgraduate qualifications in anesthesiology and intensive care (1997) and pain evaluation and management (2001). He has been a medical hypnosis practitioner since 2008, after training in hypnosis for anesthesia and chronic pain at the Institut Emergences, Rennes. He currently works at a private practice in Strasbourg, where he is also the chair of the pain prevention committee.

Chloé Chauvin, CSO, anesthesiology & intensive care specialist, and hypnotherapist

Chloé is a hospital practitioner specializing in pediatric anesthesiology and intensive care at the University Hospitals of Strasbourg. She holds several diplomas and additional qualifications, including a degree in hypnosis from Paris Descartes University. Chloé has been using medical hypnosis in the pediatric surgery unit for more than a decade now.  She is the author of many publications on pediatric anesthesiology, including “Early postoperative oral fluid intake in pediatric day case surgery influences the need for opioids and postoperative vomiting: a controlled randomized trial”, which was voted “Best Paediatric Paper 2017” by the British Journal of Anaesthesia.

Focused on clinical research thanks to a dedicated team

Coralie Gianesini, an R&D engineer, holds a PhD in neuroscience and a master’s degree in innovation engineering and project management. Working alongside Dr. Chauvin and Dr. Graff, she manages research and development projects, sets up and coordinates clinical trials, closely monitors scientific research, prepares funding applications, and handles regulatory affairs with operational support from a specialist company.

Claire Terzulli holds a master’s degree in neuroscience and is in the early stages of a thesis in collaboration with the Strasbourg Graduate School of Pain (EURIDOL). She is supervised by Professor Pierrick Poisbeau (Laboratory of Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Strasbourg) and Professor Eric Salva, Director of the Pain Evaluation & Treatment Center at Strasbourg University Hospital. Claire develops HypnoVR clinical trials and customizes HypnoVR’s solutions for patients suffering from chronic pain, as part of a three-year research program funded by HypnoVR.

Software developed in-house and attention to detail

Willy Gaël Kouete Gnoukouo is a computer engineering graduate from the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard and specializes in the development of virtual reality images and interactions. He works closely with our hypnotherapists to design and develop suitable graphic worlds and ensure their medical hypnosis techniques are synchronized with HypnoVR’s virtual 3D landscapes.

Soufiane Ouzzedi holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and physics from the University of Strasbourg. He is currently a student at Télécom Physique Strasbourg and works with Willy Gaël on the development of new content to regularly enhance HypnoVR’s scenario library. Soufiane updates the software platform to accommodate new content and optimizes the technical aspects of the hardware.

Backed by a motivated sales team

Thibault Koehl is our PR manager and a part-time master’s student in communications. He prepares communication materials, develops our public image, and ensures the company gains exposure at medical conferences, on the internet, and on social media.

Christel Humbert, our business developer, presents the HypnoVR solution to hospitals and private practices all over the country. She has more than 30 years of experience as a sales and regional manager for pharmaceutical laboratories and medical device distribution companies.

Adam Chauvin is a business developer working closely with Christel. He also presents HypnoVR’s software and headsets to health facilities and ensures customer satisfaction before, during, and after each sale.

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