Soothing patients and relieving carers at Besançon University Hospital


Helping to treat anxiety and pain thanks to the HypnoVR solution, to soothe patients and relieve carers in the surgical departments of Besançon University Hospital!

The HypnoVR medical device helps reduce stress, pain and anxiety before, during or after an operation. The non-medicinal anxiolytic and analgesic effect provided by the virtual reality hypnosis session offers the patient real relief.

This solution has many advantages for patients:

  • Less pain, stress and anxiety

  • Less reliance on pharmaceuticals

  • Limits the use of general anaesthesia in favour of loco-regional anaesthesia

  • Better postoperative recovery

“You are elsewhere, you don’t think about the operation that has to happen. […] ”

A patient after an outpatient surgery at the University Hospital of Besançon

But there are also benefits for the carers:

  • A more serene patient and therefore a better availability of the carer for other care

  • Easier operations thanks to relaxed patients

  • A daily tool that improves the exchange between patients and carers

“We notice a real improvement in the patient’s well-being before going to the operating theatre”,

A nurse in ambulatory surgery at the Besançon University Hospital.

Many thanks to the CHU de Besançon for choosing HypnoVR.

Source : Francebleu – © Radio France

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More than 200 hospitals and clinics already use HypnoVR to improve the treatment experience for their patients.