Commitment and proximity make the difference

At HypnoVR we are a team on a human scale of experts recognized in our fields. We come together as a strongly united team to work creatively and dynamically on the quality of our device.

Enthusiasts, we are dedicated to the success of an application, which we consider worthwhile. Its efficacy in simplifying the work of doctors and in improving the experience of patients has been proven.

Our attentive listening ear as regards our clients remains one of our main values. Our accessible experts are there on the ground at your entire disposal to support you in the smooth use of our product and to ensure your satisfaction.

The unique story of a pioneer in digital therapies

HypnoVR was born in Strasbourg, led by the conviction, expertise and shared entrepreneurial energy of Dr Denis Graff and Dr Chloé Chauvin.

They are both doctors specialising in anaesthesia, intensive care and hypnosis, enthused by their clinical practice and scientific and technological progress. It was while observing on a daily basis the efficacy of medical hypnosis on the pain and anxiety of their patients that they realised the potential of virtual reality and passionately wanted to make it accessible to the greatest number.

Very soon they were joined by Nicolas Schaettel as CEO and the project enjoyed rapid success. It evolved into the institution of a solid team of 18 persons with complementary expertise. A number of technological, clinical and scientific partnerships have been established and our solution has been awarded many prizes (Innovation Award from CES Unveiled, Prize for Innovation from the ADF and the AFC, …). Our solution has increasingly aroused interest from hospitals and clinics.

Today, HypnoVR has already won over more than 200 clients and has become a leader inbits field.

Three founders
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Denis Graff

Denis Graff

Anaesthesist-ICU doctor, hypnotherapist

Specialising in anaesthesia, intensive care, pre-hospital and emergency medicine and the treatment of pain, he is a graduate of the University of Strasbourg and holder of a postgraduate diploma (DESS) in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (1997) and certificate in the assessment and treatment of pain (2001), he has been medical hypnosis practitioner since 2008. He works in a private clinic in Strasbourg, where he is also the chairman of the committee for the control of pain.

Chloé Chauvin

Anaesthesist-ICU doctor, hypnotherapist, Scientific Director

A hospital practitioner specialising in Anaesthesia and Paediatric Intensive Care at the CHRU hospital in Strasbourg. She has several complementary diplomas and competences, among which is an Inter –University Diploma (DIU) in hypnosis. Dr. Chavin practices medical hypnosis in the paediatric surgery operating theatre. She is the author of several publications on the subject of paediatric anaesthesia.

Nicolas Schaettel

President, entrepreneur and manager

A specialist in entrepreneurship in the digital world, holder of an MBA Finance from Notre Dame University (USA) and from the EDHEC Business School (1996). Mr Schaettel has worked for15 years as a business developer and manager in international companies with strong digital input.

The HypnoVR solution has been developed in Strasbourg by our team!

Discover the medical device developed by us and used by more than 200 hospitals and clinics in France.

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A multi-disciplinary team,
with complementary expertise
and medical DNA

HypnoVR is structured around its founders and managers into 3 divisions representing the pillars of its mission:

Research and Clinical Studies Division: a team of doctors in neurosciences and the cognitive sciences engaged in clinical trials and innovation around medical hypnosis and pain.

Development Division: a team of computer scientists and telecommunications engineers specialising in the design and development of software, animation and 3D design and also in virtual reality material.

Customer Division: an experienced team dedicated to customer service, including experts present in the regions, ensuring quality support in your region.

We and our partners have common values, for our customers

Our teams are motivated by common values, which bring us together in order to develop innovative, scientifically validated digital therapies, accessible to the greatest number.

Transparency & responsibility

Pragmatism and efficacy

Respect and humility

Commitment and proximity

An eco-system of partners

Our customers’ needs remain our priority. HypnoVR works to construct an eco-system of partners, who share the same values and are part of the success of our mission: