Testimony of a patient operated on under local anaesthetic at the Centre Hospitalier de ChĂąteauroux-Le Blanc


đŸ©șAs part of our ongoing commitment to improving the patient experience, we’re sharing a new testimonial from the Centre Hospitalier de ChĂąteauroux-Le Blanc , where HypnoVR is offered to patients operated on under local anesthesia. đŸ„

✹ Edifying testimony from a patient after her procedure:

« I was aware of what was going on around me in the block, but I didn’t feel any stress. I felt like I was completely elsewhere. I woke up serene, rested and pain-free.. »

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The benefits of HypnoVR as an adjunct to locoregional anesthesia are manifold:

🧘 stress and pain management without drugs
✹ patient ignores the surgical act
đŸ› ïž adaptability to various surgical procedures
📉 reduced post-operative morphine consumption
⏱ accelerated recovery and reduced hospital stay
💊 savings in the quantities of painkillers used and improved bed availability

Our mission is to transform the care experience into a serene adventure, and feedback from patients and caregivers encourages us to keep innovating.

Many thanks to the Centre Hospitalier de ChĂąteauroux-Le Blanc for their trust and invaluable collaboration. A complete article on the subject is available here : https://lnkd.in/e3SZ8t7u

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