We develop digital therapies
to liberate the capacity of the brain
in order to relieve feelings of pain, stress and anxiety

To achieve this, we use the mechanisms of medical hypnosis, the cognitive sciences and the neurosciences.

Our clinically proven solution is successful thanks to virtual reality helmet technology,
which combines all these benefits in one autonomous, easily accessible tool.
HypnoVR responds to the needs of 3 therapeutic fields: pain, stress and well-being.

Discover the benefits of HypnoVR:

Immersion in a relaxing universe of sound and vision

In our virtual universes, insulated from external stimuli, everything is done to reach a maximum level of relaxation. The experience involves an immersive visual universe, music in line with the principles of music therapy and therapeutic mechanisms, which subtly alternate phases of:

  • cardiac coherence

  • controlled respiration

  • positive suggestion

  • distraction

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An easy-to-use medical device

which adapts to the working habits of medical staff

HypnoVR has been designed to fit into the daily routine of medical staff. It takes less than a minute to set up a session at a highly personalised level:

  • 22 hypnotic scripts 

  • Duration can be personnalised

  • Remote control of sessions 

  • 6 visual universes

  • 6 musical compositions

  • 3 languages with male and female voices

Our solution, a class 1 medical device, has been specifically designed for the health industry and is used by more than 200 health institutes. HypnoVR is ISO 13485 certified and guarantees products, which respond to the highest performance, quality and safety levels as required by the health regulatory framework.


60 %

de réduction d’anxiété entre le début et pendant l’intervention

Hypnose associée à la technologie de réalité virtuelle immersive 3D pendant une bronchoscopie sous …

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35 %

de réduction de l’anxiété

Utilisation de la réalité virtuelle immersive chez les infirmières pour la gestion de …

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33 %

de réduction de l’intensité de la douleur

Hypnose en réalité virtuelle (HypnoVR®) sur la
la perception de la douleur due …

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reinforcement of the therapeutic alliance

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reduction in pain

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satisfaction for the insertion & removal of double-J stents

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of patients feel relaxed during the treatment

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Virtual reality procedure for the management of the anxious patient

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