Facilitating access to medical hypnosis
with virtual reality technology.
For medical staff, patients, and hospital managers

Linked with actual or potential tissue injury, pain is a sensory and emotionally disagreeable experience.

Although modern medicine offers effective analgesics and anaesthetics, these have many side effects. A third of patients encouter these side effects, sometimes developing serious complications (cardio-respiratory risks, allergies).

How can we reduce the sensation of pain and the anxiety caused thereby, while ensuring the physical and psychological well-being of a patient before, during and after a medical procedure?

We have designed a solution to this problem by combining the benefits of medical hypnosis, the daily challenges for medical professionals and the well-being of the patients: HypnoVR

Hypnose médicale

Medical hypnosis

The technology, which has proved its worth

  • Reduces anxiety and pain before, during and after a medical procedure

  • Many years of clinical proof of its benefits

réalité virtuelle

Virtual reality

The solution, which makes it easy to access

  • Surrounds the patient with a comfort bubble and puts thoughts of the stressful environment at a distance

  • The experience is highly personalisable to reinforce therapeutic efficacy

  • Simple to use, it takes 1 minute to set up a session, which runs totally autonomously, monitored and controlled by the medical staff

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For medical staff

Innovative sedation, without sedatifves!


less consumption of morphine in scoliosis surgery

Producing a powerful
analgesic and anxiolytic effect

We have developed a solution with synergies between hypnosis, sedation and virtual reality. Its use facilitates the practice even of long, complex technical procedures, while having a positive impact on:

  • Pain and anxiety

  • Discomfort

  • The consumption of sedatives and supplementary medication

Designed by two doctors
in anaesthesia and hypnotherapy

Doctors Chloé Chauvin and Denis Graff have devised and designed, through HypnoVR, the practical application of the recognised techniques of medical hypnosis.

For this reason the HypnoVR experience is unique and our hypnoanalgesic effects are proven in several clincal studies.

Our solution is simple and quick to use and offers you the possibilty of launching virtual reality sessions in less than one minute. It operates autonomously throughout the entire procedure

intervention chirurgicale avec HypnoVR

The hypnotic narrative

The cornerstone of the experience, it supports the patient in a state of extreme relaxation or “disconnection from reality” via sequences of controlled breathing, cardiac coherence and positive suggestions.

The virtual journey

The 3D sequence evolves and adapts to the medical procedure as the session progresses.

The musical environment

Music composed to support the sessions with the benefits of music therapy

“My aim is that my patients leave the clinic saying to me, “I have had a virtual reality session” and not “my varicose veins were operated on.”

Doctor Julien Koenig, Clinique Louis Pasteur

A unique solution for an innovative experience!

Simple to use and personalised, our solution adapts to almost all medical procedures and maximises the patient’s comfort.

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For patients

Change your perception of pain
Hypnovr pour améliorer le parcours de soin du patient

The course of treatment
a positive memory!

Our ambition? To make the benefits of medical hypnosis accessible to the greatest number.

HypnoVR takes care of increasing patient comfort: we saturate the attention capacities and create modulation in the pain signal, which makes patients’ experience more positive.

To achieve this, our device offers a unique multi-sensory immersion experience. In addition to the virtual universe, a sequence of controlled breathing and cardiac coherence, together with musical compositions, which comply with the recognised principles of music therapy, bring optimum therapeutic benefit.

And what if we were to create
a more serene experience of treatment?

Pain is caused by biochemical signals transmitted to the central nervous system. In contrast to analgesic treatments, which obstruct the route taken by these signals, virtual reality saturates the attention, in order to act on the patient’s emotions, concentration and memory.

HypnoVR, or the liberation of the potential in our brain to control pain

Although our technolgy reduces the sensation of pain, it is still, however, used in addition to local anaesthesia. Nevertheless, in many cases it represents an effective alternative to general anaesthesia.


pain in the replacement of dressings


anxiety about dental treatment


comfort in oocyte puncture

For hospital and clinic managers

More satisfied patients and more efficient medical staff.

HypnoVR offers 6 different visual universes, 6 musical environments, personaled session length and more than 22 hypnotic narratives.

HypnoVR’s efficacy has been shown in several clinical studies. Indicated for intra-operative or post-operative pain (scoliosis surgery, dental surgery or oocyte puncture), we ensure that the patient’s satisfaction is guaranteed, combined with a reduction in the consumption of medication. This clearly improves the quality of treatment by directly increasing patient safety and simplifying the work of the medical staff, who can concentrate on their procedure.

Our experiences are personalised, bringing more satisfaction and therapuetic efficacy and our solution is perfectly suitable for many medical indications.



patients want to repeat the experience

“We wanted compact devices, easy to transport and quick to set up, so that medical staff could use them with ease.”

Dr Denis Graff, Co-founder of HypnoVR

proven efficacy



patient satisfaction

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of patient and carer satisfaction

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33 %

reduction in pain intensity

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reduction of respiration rate

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satisfaction for the insertion & removal of double-J stents

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