Access the benefits of medical hypnosis
with virtual reality
For medical staff, patients and hospital and clinic managers

60 à 80% of patients experience stress and anxiety during a medical procedure.
Feeling of powerlessness -“doctor knows best”, dread of the medical procedure, fear of the unknown… Patients are on average 20% more anxious than the general population.

Sedatives and anxiolytic medication may reduce this discomfort, but they also expose patients to secondary effects, which undermine their use.

Employed for more than 20 years to reduce stress and anxiety, the efficacy of practising medical hypnosis has been shown in more than 200 clinial studies. 

In combination with virtual reality technology, HypnoVR puts it within easy reach!

And what if we were better able to manage our stress and anxiety thanks to a digital therapy?

The benefits of medical hypnosis combined with the potential of virtual reality give rise to an innovative, simple, effective digital therapy.

Medical hypnosis

The technique, which has proved its worth

  • With this technique, which guides the patient into an hypnotic state, the patient’s discomfort is significantly reduced, he finds it easier to cooperate and the dosages of anxiolytics are reduced. 

  • Thus, a medical procedure leaves the patient with a positive memory of liberation of mind and spirit, while allowing the practitioner to concentrate on his procedures.

Virtual reality

The solution, which makes this possible

  • This technology allows us to simplify the process of medical hypnosis to the point that it provides an autonomous solution to stress and anxiety.

  • With ISO 13485:2016 certified HypnoVR, we offer a classification 1 medical device, which becomes an indispensable element in a course of treatment.

Discover the many applications of HypnoVR
by area of medical specialisation

Join the trend!

More than 300 hospitals and clinics already use HypnoVR to improve the treatment experience for their patients.

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For medical staff

Optimises their daily routine, while ensuring the patient’s well-being


of anxiety in changing dressings

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The therapeutic tools used in HypnoVR generate
a real anxiolytic effect

Its use simplifies even long, complex technical procedures, while reducing the patients’:

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Pain

  • Discomfort

  • Consumption of sedatives, anxiolytics and other medications

The aim of a session is to induce in the patient a state of hypnotic trance; this state has a powerful anxiolytic effect.

Although not everyone is receptive to hypnosis, the exercises in controlled breathing and cardiac coherence oblige the patient to slow his rate of breathing and can relax all patients.

Thanks to this effect, which recedes very slowly, a session is useful even before a treatment, such as an MRI scan or in dental treatment.

A device with high
therapeutic efficacy

Designed by 2 anaesthetists and hypnotherapists, HypnoVR rigorously applies the recognised principles of medical hypnotherapy by bringing to them the benefits linked to virtual reality and music therapy.

Specifically developed by us after years of research, the purpose of the synergy between these elements is to maximise therapeutic efficacy while making it as simple as possible to use the device. The results have been demonstrated in many clinical studies.

Because we consider each patient, the level of personalisation of each session is very high, with 6 different visual universes, 6 musical environments, a personalisable duration of 10 minutes and more than 22 hypnotic narratives. The practitioner selects the session corresponding to the medical procedure he is to perform and the patient can choose the sound and visual environment, in which he will relax.

The experience we offer is unique for each patient, but always adapted to the health professional’s practice.

The hypnotic narrative

The cornerstone of the experience, it supports the patient in a state of extreme relaxation or “disconnection from reality” via sequences of controlled breathing, cardiac coherence and positive suggestions.

The virtual journey

The 3D sequence evolves and adapts to the medical procedure as the session progresses.

The musical environment

Music composed to support the sessions with the benefits of music therapy.

“My aim is that my patients leave the clinic saying to me, “I have had a virtual reality session” and not “my varicose veins were operated on.”

Doctor Julien Koenig, Louis Pasteur Clinic

It takes less than one minute to set up a session!

Our device and its accesories have been designed to be simple to use. It takes less than one minute to set up a session, which is monitored in real time via a tablet.

It can be operated straight away, even by uninitiated staff.

Discover our solution

For patients

Reduces anxiety and stress by employing the power of mind over body!

while relaxing!

HypnoVR, a classification1 medical device, plunges the patient into a medical hypnosis virtual reality session before, during and after a stressful or distressing medical procedure.

The virtual reality helmet offers the patient the environment of his choice, isolates him from the medical situation and at the same time broadcasts a hypnotic narrative, alternating phases of controlled breathing, cardiac coherence and positive suggestions with a personalised musical environment, composed specifically in accordance with the recognised principles of music therapy.

The association of these different techniques, each of which obeys a precisely defined scientific pattern, creates an experience, which is out of the ordinary and produces a feeling of well-being, drastically reduces the feelings of anxiety and stress and directly reduces pain, if this is present.

You have the ability to overcome your anxiety;
we are simply showing you how!

HypnoVR releases everybody’s ability to manage their stress and anxiety without using medication. The course of treatment becomes more comfortable, while avoiding or limiting the harmful side effects of chemical treatments. Several clinical studies prove HypnoVR’s efficacy in reducing stress and anxiety.


anxiety in dental surgery

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A large number of patients
already benefit from HypnoVR


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For hospital and clinic managers

At last innovation comes to the aid of the treatment process.

HypnoVR transforms the patient’s relationship with the medical world.

As well as the proven physiological and psychological benefit of a session of hypnosis, its provision sends a strong message about concern for the well-being of the patient. The device opens the door to a new approach, in which the waiting time before a consultation is used to relax the patient or a potentially traumatic procedure can be performed without the use of general anaesthesia and anxiolytics and in which the patient recovers more quickly.

HypnoVR is first and foremost the realisation of a long scientific journey, starting from an idea conceived in 2016 and resulting in a medical device used in more than 200 hospitals and clinics and an ISO 13485 certified company. Clinical validation of the therapeutic benefits is our key concern; 13 trials have already been conducted and many others are in preparation.

Working towards the success of its device, HypnoVR is at your side every day through our specialist teams in your region. We are practised in training and monitoring all the medical staff required to ensure that the device is successfully integrated into the daily routine of your teams and thus that the maximum benefit is obtained from the tool.

Classification medical device 1

Clinically proven efficacy



de satisfaction patient

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Other therapeutic

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