Varicose surgery with HypnoVR


Varicose surgery under medical hypnosis by virtual reality is performed at the Louis Pasteur Clinic and the Jeanned’Arc Clinic, establishments in the Louis Pasteur santé Group.

Medical hypnosis by virtual reality presents a number of advantages:

  • More procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic

  • You take your patients on a journey into a relaxing universe, far removed from the distressing atmosphere of the operating theatre

  • Patients’ stress and anxiety is reduced before, during and after the procedure

I want my patients to leave the clinic saying to me, ‘I have experienced a session of virtual reality’ and not ’my varicose veins were operated on’.

Doctor Julien Koenig
Clinique Louis Pasteur

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More than 200 hospitals and clinics already use HypnoVR to improve the treatment experience for their patients.