Therapeutic virtual reality for treating patients’ pain


At the CHU hospital in Rouen HypnoVR helmets are used to control pain during a variety of procedures. The idea is to bring the patient into a different state of awareness, in order to reduce the sensation of pain and anxiety.

Different helmets have been distributed to various services of Rouen Hospital to be used, if the patient agrees, in fields as diverse as painful treatment in dermatology, the insertion of implantable ports in anaesthesia, bronchial fibroscopies in respiratory medicine, in palliative care…

We wanted compact, easily transportable devices that are easy for the services to use. The idea was not to complicate the medical procedure, but on the contrary to make it easier.

Doctor Sophie Pouplin

This does not replace analgesic treatment. It is a plus, especially in the control of pain, both for the patient and for the medical professional.

Doctor Sophie Pouplin

Join the trend !

More than 200 hospitals and clinics already use HypnoVR to improve the treatment experience for their patients.