VR", a decoy against pain at Poitiers University Hospital - HypnoVR


The pediatric oncology department at Poitiers University Hospital uses HypnoVR to reduce the pain and anxiety of its young patients – aged 6 to 18 – suffering from cancer.

“For diagnosis or curative treatment, they undergo a lot of invasive procedures such as lumbar punctures, implantable chamber connections, etc.,” says Amandine Fernandes, health executive in the pediatric oncology department at CHU. Usually, analgesics or anxyolitiques are used to calm the child, but they can be habit-forming and have side effects. “We’ve noticed that pain management isn’t enough. And it’s sometimes difficult to get children’s consent.”

A soothing, action-free journey

Virtual reality was then considered as a solution that could be “as effective as usual treatments”. The Poitiers University Hospital invested in two virtual reality headsets, one of which was co-financed by the Vivelespoir association. Thanks to HypnoVR technology, the child is immersed in the world of his or her choice – a tropical forest, winter landscapes, with sounds and a voice-over accompanying him or her throughout the procedure. “This three-dimensionality creates a lure for the brain, in the form of conversational hypnosis.

Source : https://www.le7.info/article/17405-la-vr-leurre-contre-la-douleur

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More than 200 hospitals and clinics already use HypnoVR to improve the treatment experience for their patients.