Improve well-being at work
with virtual reality technology.
For medical staff and hospital and clinic managers

Let’s talk about quality of life at work

In France, close to 1 out of 4 workers admit to being over-stressed at work and more than half the working days lost are linked to stress.

What is the impact in teams and the establishment?

  • Escalating inter-personal tensions

  • An increase risk of occupational accidents

  • Your establishment’s reputation tarnished

As for absenteeism, the prime indicator of workers’malaise, it exceeded 5% in 2019.

Nowadays our hospitals and clinics, as well as companies, are in search of what they see as essential, a type of well-being at work, which combines caring and performance. In France, 47% of companies are already offering well-being programmes and, with regulations on occupational psycho-social risks in mind, are endeavouring to take care of their colleagues.

The benefits of an approach working towards
a better quality of life at work?

Integrating HypnoVR and its virtual reality relaxation sessions into this process helps you to innovate and construct the world of work of the future.

Enhance your reputation by sending out a strong employer brand message, which is pro-active in confronting the challenges for its sector.

Well-being =

Reduction in absenteeism

Lower staff turnover

Increase in productivity and creativity

Improve reputation

Join the trend!

More than 200 hospitals and clinics already use HypnoVR to improve the treatment experience for their patients or for the well-being of their medical staff.

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For medical staff

Take a healthy break!

A device which will very quickly plunge you
into a state of deep relaxation

Since 2016 HypnoVR has been developing a new virtual reality concept with proven clinical efficacy, dealing with the management of stress.

Our HypnoVR device combines the power of medical hypnosis with innovation in virtual reality helmets: our expertise is therefore within the reach of everyone. Total visual immersion is combined with a hypnotic narrative, thus encouraging controlled breathing and cardiac coherence. Enriched by musical compositions specifically designed in accordance with the recognised principles of music therapy, our technology aims to bring you a unique relaxation experience.

One single immersion in a virtual universe could distract you for the duration of one session. However, our solution will invite you to submerge yourself in an experience, all the aspects of which are controlled in accordance with medical techniques to reinforce therapeutic efficacy with the aim of reducing stress.


reduction in stress

after one session of hypnosis

Access the benefits of medical hypnosis
rapidly and simply thanks to virtual reality

Thanks to ergonomics, it is easy to set up a session in less than one minute. 10 minutes of immersion will be sufficient for you to benefit from its relaxing effects. As the effect is immediate, it can last for several hours.

A comforting HypnoVR session will quickly become your indispensable daily ritual, particularly before or after a stressful period. To unwind after a tough meeting, before or after an intense procedure or simply to recover from a tiring day, a matter of leaving the stresses of work at work.

Many medical staff
already benefit from HypnoVR


Une journée bien-être pour les professionnels de santé grâce à la Mutuelle Nationale des Hospitaliers


HypnoVR pour les soignants

For managers

Calmer, more efficient teams

We know that your staff are
your main concern

Providing HypnoVR digital therapy to your medical staff means that you have taken the strategic decision to make the quality of life of your medical staff your main concern. Our techology will have an impact on the well-being of your colleagues, will take the heat out of existing issues and prevent some crisis situations, which might arise.

Although HypnoVR is not designed specifically as a tool for improving performance, but as an immersive relaxation device, if your teams are less stressed, they will also be more committed and efficient in the long term.

An effective device
designed for your daily routine

HypnoVR is based on the principles of medical hypnosis and brings its benefits to the greatest number thanks to virtual reality digital technology. Founded by 2 anaesthetists specialising in therapeutic hypnosis, the efficacy of the solution has already been validated by a large number of clinical studies and is used by more than 200 hospitals and clinics.

Our solution is designed for simplicity. Since virtual reality helmet technology can seem disconcerting in a professional context, we have developed our software and its accessories for quick, easy use. Anyone who wants may start the session in less than one minute and benefit from it during a break.

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A digital therapy
with a recognised scientific approach

Science is at the heart of our approach. Everything we do is based on evidence and clinically validated. We have constructed our solution on the science of treatment of anxiety and stress and we validate its efficacy through published research and clinical studies.


60 %

de réduction d’anxiété entre le début et pendant l’intervention

Hypnose associée à la technologie de réalité virtuelle immersive 3D pendant une bronchoscopie sous …

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35 %

de réduction de l’anxiété

Utilisation de la réalité virtuelle immersive chez les infirmières pour la gestion de …

CH Montauban


33 %

de réduction de l’intensité de la douleur

Hypnose en réalité virtuelle (HypnoVR®) sur la
la perception de la douleur due …

Institut de neurosciences cellulaires et intégrées – Strasbourg



de réduction de la fréquence respiratoire

Effet de la VR sur la douleur aiguë et les paramètres autonomes

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de réduction de la douleur

Impact de la réalité virtuelle et de l’hypnose sur la douleur et l’…

Sorbonne Université – Faculté de Médecine


Renforcement de l’alliance thérapeutique

Intérêt de la réalité virtuelle au cabinet dentaire pour des patients en …

CHU de Bordeaux



de satisfaction

Utilisation de l’hypnose en realite virtuelle dans le traitement de l’insuffisance veineuse superficielle

Clinique Louis Pasteur – Essey-lès-Nancy



de reduction de la douleur

Réalité virtuelle thérapeutique et douleur chronique

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de satisfaction pour la pose & ablation de sonde JJ

Utilisation d’un dispositif de réalité virtuelle (HypnoVR®) lors de la lithotritie extracorporelle pour …

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des patients se sentent relaxés pendant le soin

Utilisation de l’hypnose en réalité virtuelle en urologie

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les nausées post-opératoires

Influence d’un accompagnement hypnotique par la réalité virtuelle sur la stratégie anesthé…

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de consommation de morphinique

Influence d’un accompagnement hypnotique par réalité virtuelle sur la douleur et la consommation …

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d’augmentation du confort

Utilisation de l’hypnose en réalité virtuelle lors des ponctions ovocytaires

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Protocole de réalité virtuelle pour la prise en charge du patient anxieux

CHRU de Strasbourg

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