HypnoVR: our virtual-reality-based
therapeutic software

HypnoVR©: a medical device offering multisensory immersion


Medical hypnosis

In order to bring the benefits of this proven effective method to as many patients and practitioners as possible, HypnoVR draws on the 15 years’ experience of its founding hypnotherapists in Ericksonian medical hypnosis to build hypnosis scripts based on cardiac coherence and suggestion.


Three-dimensional hypnotic universes

Thanks to the immersive capabilities of virtual reality headsets—proven effective by numerous clinical trials on 3D visual perception and the sensation of pain—HypnoVR can design captivating visual experiences in sync with the hypnotic words being spoken.


Music therapy

HypnoVR uses musical constructions that have been clinically proven to affect the patient’s heart rate and state of relaxation, combining the ambient sounds specific to each world with original music therapy compositions.

HypnoVR©: medical hypnosis through virtual reality,
with an easy-to-use device that is proven effective

Start your session in a matter of seconds, via an intuitive user platform that is regularly updated with new content. With over 1000 different combinations, there is an experience to suit every patient.


Select the settings that match your procedure and
offer your patient a customized experience like no other.

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Practitioner’s choice

• Scripts
Age / Procedure

• Duration
Fixed / Variable

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Patient’s choice

• 3D universe

• Languages

• Voice

• Music


Control your HypnoVR session using the controller
or an Android smartphone or tablet.


From the controller for your
virtual reality headset

• Start
• Pause
• Stop


From your
HypnoVR Companion
© app

• Start
• Pause
• Stop
• Visual feedback
• Time remaining

Clinically proven effectiveness

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A class 1 medical device, HypnoVR has been proven effective
through several clinical trials presented at various national and international medical conferences.

Are you a healthcare professional or a health facility?

Would you like to use medical hypnosis combined with virtual reality in
anesthesia or to treat your patients’ pain, stress, and anxiety?

Please contact us to receive our offers, book a
free demonstration at your workplace, or if you have any other questions.

Which hardware should I use?

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